Anna Zarudzka
Founder and Managing Director, Chilid Hi-End Web Design , Poland

Anna is leading web design & front-end development agency as a managing and creative director. Three years ago she decided to use the benefits of Scrum and Chilid to this day remains one of the few design-driven agencies working with this approach. She found herself in the Internet industry after years of adventure in a music school, film and TV production. She co-produced shows for the largest Polish television stations, what taught her a valuable distance to the media industry. Scrum Advocate with constant questions. Privately – an off-road driver, far North traveler and skydiving beginner.

Anna about herself: „I’ve built my strength and who I am today on many bizarre experiments and experiences: music school, traveling, jazz, painting, off-road, television production, law studies, film. Some years ago I’ve realised that this is one of the ideal foundations of being an entrepreneur.“


When creating Internet products, each tiny element has to fit the goal, and the user. Even if your goals are clear, you still must make good decisions based on those goals. How? How to decide? Why is one message better than another one? Why is there always – always – just one target group? Why do you have to ignore the others? What happens when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and try to create something for „everybody“? And how does Scrum enables us to realistically answer questions? … or maybe it just seems like that, maybe it’s a trap.


Anna Zarudzka

Scrum allows us to create better products, more suited to the users' needs. Really???

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