Anthony Montgomery
CEO, CUProdigy, USA

Anthony is an agile coach, social scientist, and leadership enthusiast with 20+ years of IT experience. He is pursuing a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership with emphasis in the social nature of agile.

Presentation 14.10. at 9:00

Scrum has proven extremely capable in software product delivery but what if your “product” is the capability to provide excellent customer service and positive work satisfaction? Can the Scrum framework transform business teams from mere groups of people into high performing teams? The answer to this question is a decisive YES! Teams beyond software development can significantly benefit from Scrum. Moreover, these teams experienced sharp productivity gains, improved satisfaction, and became strong believers in the Scrum framework.


Anthony Montgomery


Presentation 14.10. at 9:00:
Zeros to Heroes in Just Three Months: When Capability is Your Product

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