Laura Szabó
Head of Product, Arkon Zrt., Hungary

Laura Szabó graduated from Corvinus University Budapest majoring in information technology and e-business. She worked for couple years on the agency side as a communication and online business consultant. In 2013 she started working for ingatlan.com as a product manager for the B2C segment. Right now she is the head of product at ingatlan.com responsible for keeping the the product planning and development directions on track.


ingatlan.com is the market leading property portal in Hungary. We roll out many features for all of our target groups almost daily. How we plan the projects we do to stay inline with the company goals? We are using the OKR goal setting system, where the strategic directions are clearly defined for the entire company. Based on the directions we have focus areas, where every team has the flexibility to set their goals for a shorter time period. 

The main point is: We don’t want to tell every team how to do it: it is up to them. 

The product managers together with the product teams are free to change the projects along the way, as long as they serve the goal clearly and measurably. In this presentation I will show you the evolution, the learning phases in the last 3 years and the results.


Laura Szabó

Agile on the long term - plan the goals, not the project

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