Gergő Tóth-Batizán
Product Owner, GE Healthcare Technology & Medical Innovation, Hungary

Gergő Tóth-Batizán is a product owner at GE Healthcare. He has 7 years experience in software development and more than 5 years experience as Product Owner in small, medium and large scale enterprise environment.

Gergő is an agile envagelist within the GE Healthcare in Hungary: always eager to find the best agile techniques in order to help building the GE products of the future.


Most of the large scale enterprises aiming to become digital or even digital industrial actors, are in transition.  These companies are searching for different ways to change their development culture and thinking so that they can continue to understand this unknown and new territory. This change is challenging in the following aspects: understanding how digital product development works, how does the product backlog look like, what is the customer’s impact and how does the roadmap build up in this fast and constantly changing environment. At the GE Healthcare the user story mapping technique has generated answers to most of the above concerns and we can witness the start of a mindset change as well. I would like to share with you our experience.

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