Kálmán Kéménczy
Director of Product, Prezi.com, Hungary

Kálmán started to work at Prezi in 2011 as project manager and he filled several different position in the last few years: worked on the editor and on mobile apps as well. Nowadays he is the Director of Product and leads the Force mission which is responsible for the Rendering Engines, Infrastructure, Data and Security. He helps his teams to be more agile and eliminate as much “muda” as possible. This means he can’t stand uselessness, futility, and wastefulness.

Before Prezi, Kálmán had spent 13 years at Novell in very different technical and management positions.
Additionally, he is an active member and contributor to several free and open source projects like Mozilla.


Most of the products are built from small components. These components should provide a smooth user experience across solutions and platforms. The result reflects the organization structure and the communication between them. Product teams should develop their own techniques to break their own silos and increase team’s flexibility to deliver lovable product to their target users. 

I faced this challenge in the last 18 months at Prezi and I would like to share how I failed, what I learned and how we succeed in this journey. I will share best practices (like team sizing, backlog prioritization, cross team projects), tools (like 70-20-10, team charter and priority circle) and some science behind them that leads to a better product.


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