Kamil Szymański
Senior Software Engineer II, Westwing Home & Living, Germany

Proud holder of a master degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Koszalin. Recently moved to Munich to help in development of great products at Westwing Home & Living company.

Software engineer with many years of professional experience in project of all sizes. Recently moved to Munich, Germany to join forces with great development team and help them creating awesome things. Works in Agile environment for a few years now. He likes to be part of constantly evolving teams, that changes their approaches to do stuff according to constantly growing requirements.


While working on last few projects, teams I cooperated with were constantly having problems with delivering things on time. That was a huge deal for our project managers, who always had to explain themselves to the stackholders. Something had to be changed.
During this talk I will show you how “feature-oriented” teams helped us to finally deal with expectations given. I will talk about the reorganization process, the problems you may face, the solutions and benefits that comes after.

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