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Agilia Conference is Hungarian conference about agile methods in product and service management. Its narrow focus on selected topic and private exclusive content makes it unique. We, the organizers, will try to make it one of most recognized conferences in Hungary and region, which is worth to visit. The goal is to show and share new experiences in product management and product ownership, both in traditional and agile way. We want to present, how to profit from agile techniques, in software product development, in knowledge management, and what are implications for sales or general management within the organization. And, in the same time, reveal the new trends and views, which are linked with agile approaches, and which product managers should be aware of – managing product or service evolution and design, product strategy, innovations, financial value, operations, and especially people’s engagement. We want to contribute to the exchange of experience and knowledge and present new professional skills. Important part of the conference is networking: it enables visitor expert discussion or gaining new commercial partners.

In 2015 we plan to prepare attractive program – presentations of world top (agile) influencers and experts, experience of local users and case studies, new trends and not discovered yet practices, workgroups, workshops, discussions and diversions. Main topic is “Secrets of Product Ownership.” We want to include into discussions all: top and line management, project management, program management, customer support, and also developers, testers and even customers. All contributions are validated to guarantee high professional erudition.

We invite you, to help us make this conference happen. Your financial contribution will help moving product management community again a small step toward modernization.

We do not have sponsorship categories. We propose to meet you and together we will develop offering that meets your needs and expectations. The package may include:

  • General sponsorship
  • Networking Event sponsorship
  • Caffe & Lunch sponsorship

Contact us and ask for further information. Send us message!

If you have suitable proposal, questions and suggestions, let us know. Send us message!

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