Michal Polačko
Product Manager, AVG Technologies, Czech Republic

Mike Polacko is the product manager in AVG Technologies in Brno, Czech republic with over 5 years experience in an product management and 5 years in a project management. So far, he has had a chance to work mainly on new innovative products that started as startups within a company and whole team / processes had to be created on a green field. Mike’s side job is mentoring the startups that joined international startup accelerator organized by JIC Starcube in Brno.


In this presentation, we want to show how it looks like when consultant approaches organization, what he can found and what may happen. We will show on real example, how organization accepts consultant and works with its recommendations. This is a story described from two perspectives: how it is seen from the view of the consultant and how it is seen from the view of the customer, represented by Product Owner. There are aha moments, misunderstandings, surprises and also politics.

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