Marianne Graham
Product Owner, CA Technologies, USA

Marianne Graham is a Senior Product Owner for Agile Central (formerly Rally), solving enterprise agile to help teams remove the barriers between ideas and outcomes. She is passionate about bringing the voice of the customer to her teams, co-creating solutions that truly delight and excite. Outside of work, she enjoys volleyball, hiking and traveling.



Program Increment (PI) Planning is an important ceremony for many agile groups since it helps creates alignment within a team and organization by creating short term targets for everyone to rally around. This ceremony can be especially important when you have many teams working towards the same objectives since it requires coordinating schedules and creating goals within each team that drive toward the same mission.

As product owners and managers, it is our responsibility to bring the customers’ perspective into planning events to ensure that the right work is being prioritized. But gaining alignment and helping our teams develop and execute these plans can be challenging, which means we have a lot of work to do in pre-planning and during planning events to help make things successful. In this talk, we will be covering the key activities around PI Planning plus some of the best lessons we’ve learned from coordinating actions around risks and dependencies to facilitating prioritization conversations to communicating how team goals contribute to business objectives.


Marianne Graham

PI Planning for Product People

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