Naman Mathur
Researcher, Emerging Markets, Uber Technologies Inc., India

I work with Uber’s global research team supporting products for emerging markets like India, EMEA and Latin America. I have been in Uber for a year now and have worked on upcoming products for these regions. With a total experience of 5 years covering varied research topics and user segments, I’ve worked on a variety of research projects using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Before this I was with Microsoft where I worked on Cortana and Target where I started a research team on conversational interfaces as a researcher.



Uber, currently in 600+ cities across the world is one of the fastest growing companies. As we grew, we realized a major portion of our rides was coming from the emerging markets. However, presence of low-end devices, connectivity issues and usability constraints were acting as barriers to this growth. 75% of our sessions were coming from 2014 or older year-class devices and 33% sessions were happening on sub-3G networks. We were not giving an optimized experience to a majority of our users.

The team set out to enable this large and unaddressed segment of riders to experience Uber magic. “Anyone can Uber” became our northstar. We developed two products – Uber Lite, a native lightweight android app and phone call based booking to get this new wave of riders on board. This talk is about the journey of Uber Lite, an app designed for emerging markets.

Here, I present the journey starting from foundational research leading to conception of Uber Lite, its development and research throughout the lifecycle.

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