Marcin Bazydlo
Senior Engineer, Open Table, Poland

I am passionate programmer focused on delivering value. Just after graduation I worked for Research Project, designing replication and load balancing algorithms for REST services (thus you can find couple of my published papers). Currently I am extremely happy to work for OpenTable, world leader in restaurant reservations. Working here I am influencing both architecture of our web services system as well as product.


In the Enterprise scale organisation making lean changes is not easy. There is a lot of legacy systems around, many requirements and processes in order to deliver any change. Many people have saying in the final outcome of any initiative. But what if sometimes it’s better break those rules and communication patterns and just trust your individuals. What if you see business opportunity that everybody else seems to miss?

This talk tells true story, how 2 devs used their 20% innovation time to deliver a new user experience. How technology enabled testing this experience in (almost) safe manner. Our test resulted in direct revenue increase, but what really matters is the learnings we took. Let me share some of those learnings.



Marcin Bazydlo

Breaking Bonds. How intrapreneurship is encouraged with practices and technology.

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