Miriam Soltwedel
Consultant & Founder , OPENMJND, Germany

Design Thinking Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Founder & CEO of openmjnd.
openmjnd is a Design Thinking innovation consulting and coaching company, based in Berlin. Whithin innovation projects, workshops and creative sessions openmjnd explores customer needs to identify opportunity areas.This is the starting point for the development of products, services and experiences. Within the agile creative process of Design Thinking we bring ideas to life.


User centeredness is the key of successful product development. Why? Because only if we focus on the users needs, we can develop products, services and experiences people really need. Identify those needs is like finding gold nuggets. Design Thinking is a powerful process that allows us to make innovation pedictable. The presentation will show insights about the Design Thinking method itself, its components, principles. Also participants will gain knowledge about how innovators use Design Thinking in their business.


Within the workshop participants will experience the Design Thinking process. Solving an example project challenge, they will work together in small teams, explore the problem space of the challenge and learn how to identify the users needs. Based on their findings the teams will develop ideas fulfill their users need. The teams will transform their ideas into real, testable prototypes by usig rapid prototyping. The workshop format is interactive and dynamic – it will be an adventurous journey through a whole product development process. The aim of the workshop: To teach the participants how the Design Thinking process works and what tools they can put in place in their daily work.


Miriam Soltwedel

Design Thinking – A user centered innovation method for agile product development.

Design Thinking

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