Tautvydas Gylys
Product Manager, Vinted, Lithuania

From working in different stage startups as Product Designer to studying design in San Francisco, Tautvydas has built an extensive understanding of product design for startups. Currently he is a Product Manager at Vinted driving strategic product innovations. He also consults startups on how to leverage lean UX design principles in product development.


Experiments are the key to lean product development success. I learnt that at Vinted. As product teams, we have undergone the change from outsourcing all experiments to dedicated team to integrating it to so deep into every team’s attitude so that every development is a number of experiments. We do not even call them experiments anymore rather our standard discovery process. How to run an experiment? What is the right experiment approach? How to gain insights? What is the right team for experiment based development? All that includes in the recipe we developed for successful experimentation followed by recent success stories.


This workshop suggests a lean UX framework that helps to structure product design process and validate it along the way. Leveraging such framework would help to systematically think and visualise all the aspects of product, that will end up in better product and more aligned team.

It is a very hands on workshop, where each participant will have the opportunity to create a full stack UX overview for their product and receive constructive feedback together with learning the framework itself. Methodology equally valuable for existing product development and new product creation.

The workshop especially helpful for product decision makers, designers and everyone who want to build a better understanding of a product development. Being familiar with Lean Startup ideas is helpful, though not required.

Workshop topics overview:

  • Understanding your users and their core needs
  • Value proposition that users care about
  • MVP that works
  • How to validated ideas along the way

Tools we will learn along the way:

  • Ideation and prioritisation techniques
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Lean research and validation methods
  • Lean UX tools (design persona, use cases etc.)


Tautvydas Gylys

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